Robin Hood

It’s odd to think of how much Robin Hood material is getting published these days. New books – including a few like Adam Thorpe’s Hodd with a “dark Robin Hood” take – and new comics, and of course, next year’s Russell Crowe film. Mind you, the third series of the BBC Robin Hood TV show with Jonas Armstrong appeared to crash and burn in the ratings.

The legend of Robin Hood has changed dramatically over the years, and I wonder if the new Robin Hood books and films will bring anything new to the legend.

I don’t think it’s just interest in the upcoming film. There’s something in the air that makes this time appropriate for Robin Hood. I’m not sure what that is. Reaction to the Bush years?

Anyway, here’s a good link if you want to review the changes in the legend of the greenwood archer.

It also has a fair bit on Robin Hood in comic books. It always seems like Robin Hood’s successors have done better in that medium. Green Arrow is the obvious one, and Robin the Boy Wonder was first billed as “the laughing young Robin Hood of today”.

But some of Robin Hood comics and graphic novels have come out this year. Tim Beedle’s Muppet Robin Hood series is a fun Muppetized look at the story. More impressive is Tony Lee and Sam Hart’s Outlaw – The Legend of Robin Hood. It’s a very good retelling of the modern Robin Hood legend (as adapted by films and children’s books) with some novel twists. And Artur Fujita’s colours just pop off the page. Highly recommended. Writer Paul Storrie and artist Rob Davis are revising the 1990s Caliber Comics series Robyn of Sherwood (about Robin’s daughter) as a graphic novel. I gather that it doesn’t have a publisher yet. But the original Robyn series was very well-received, and smart publishers might want to take a look at this project.


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6 Responses to “Robin Hood”

  1. Clement of the Glen Says:

    Hi there,
    I have studied the legend of Robin Hood for thirty years. It is a fascinating myth and you are right he has transformed from being a medieval yeoman, a disinherited knight, to Rocket Robin Hood and a cartoon fox!

    How a medieval outlaw with a wooden bow and arrow still interests people of the 21st Century is amazing!

    I have a blog dedicated not only to the legend but also a nearly completely forgotten Disney live-action movie made in 1952 starring Richard Todd, Peter Finch, Joan Rice and many other great stars of the 1950’s.
    Take a peek:

  2. Clement of the Glen Says:


    You’re THAT puckrobin, the one with THE BEST Robin Hood Website.

    I’m your humble servant sir!


    • puckrobin Says:

      You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. (g) [Kind of a semi-secret identity here.]

      By the way, Clement, if I were to run a really good Robin Hood website, what name would you like your blogs to have in the links list – and what’s your primary URL?

  3. Clement of the Glen Says:

    I only have one Blog-‘Disney’s Story of Robin Hood’. It is about the underrated movie made in England in 1952 and the fascinating legend that inspired it. It would be a great honour to be linked to a website about Robin Hood, particularly the best one on the Web!

    So if you know of one I will write a note and fire a Whistling Arrow in the right direction!

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