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Robin Hood Silent Films and Other Live Musical Performances

October 7, 2009

As a fan of silent films, I was excited to hear that an ultra-rare silent movie is going to be shown in Rochester, NY this fall – the 1912 version of Robin Hood. The earliest surviving Robin Hood film, although there were several before the famous ones.

And speaking of famous Robin Hood films, I see they are also showing the 1922 Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood with a newly-reconstructed score played by a live orchestra.

Silent films play better on the big screen — and with a live orchestra. This should be quite a treat.

Article on the Films and Conference

I see it’s connected to a Robin Hood conference with much discussion about the outlaw, and it also features live musical performances. And a display with rare books, stills and even Douglas Fairbanks Sr.’s boots.

Conference Info

Sounds like a fun time for any fans of films or Robin Hood in musicals, books, TV, comics and even romance novels and fan fiction, it appears.